Have a seat!

So not a quilty project but a fun, creative one for my quilting space to share with you. We’ve recently been doing some minor remodeling of the downstairs for my new studio space (more on that later) and I’ve been looking for fun and funky furniture to live in that new space. Nothing sedate, nothing bland. Colorful and bright need only apply!

I found a couple of garage sale chairs that I thought would be good candidates for reupholstering. After looking into professional upholstery, I decided this was definitely going to be an opportunity-to-learn-DIY-project!


YouTube videos I found particularly helpful and encouraging: one from Miss Mustard Seed about how to upholster the back of an open frame chair. Another one great video about how to make the double cord piping was by Broadway Upholstery School.

I found some home dec weight fabric and collected all of my supplies, including a new electric stapler. I was in no rush to get started but then on a recent weekend the power went out and since I couldn’t sew, I figured it was a great day for deconstruction of the chairs!

Deconstruction in process.

After I reached the point of no return, I decided they needed the paint freshened up. Power still out, great time to spray paint!

Smurf Blue to Caribbean Blue in one day!

After tearing them apart and repainting, I tackled the backs first, making the piping. I thought the busier print would be a good choice for my first attempt at the piping to hide my first-timer errors. In hindsight, good choice.

On to the chair seats. Much easier than the backs if only because I could use the worktable and didn’t have to be a contortionist with the staple gun.

Piping under construction.

Now that they’re done, I’m so glad I gave this project a try. Are they perfect? No. Do I love them? YES. Things I learned doing this project:

  1. Upholstery takes more time than you think.
  2. It takes more fabric thank you think.
  3. It takes way more staples than you can imagine!

But I’m pretty sure there are no other identical chairs out there and these are all mine. It makes me chuckle to imagine someone coming across these in a future garage sale years down the road, rolling their eyes and saying “what was this person thinking?!” Ha! Pretty sure I’ll stick to quilting, but I’ll enjoy sitting in my new chairs while I do!

Happy quilting,