Modern Wool has arrived!

It’s finally here! I’m so excited to have my hands on my first copy of Modern Wool: 12 Projects to Get You Stitching in real life and ready to share with all of you.

Earlier this week I did my first-ever video – opening the box on my first delivery! You can check it out on Facebook here. And a shorter version on Instagram here. Added bonus – Our lovable Winston joins me in the video, too. ❤️🐾

While you’re there, be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram. I’ve been sharing more photos and details there that don’t make it onto the blog. A quick glance of the blog posts will assure you that it is not my most frequent mode of communication!

One of the best things about this week with the book coming out has been the enormous amount of lovely comments and support I’ve gotten from everyone! You are all so wonderful and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate them all.

Self-doubt is the killer of creativity and I am definitely not immune. My quilt motto has always been to simply make what I love and love what I make but putting things out into the marketplace is next level when it comes to wondering what the heck I think I’m doing!

I’d love to share some wool inspiration with you in Modern Wool, to encourage you to give wool appliqué a try, or expand your ideas of what wool appliqué can be in your own projects. There are several ways to get your very own copy now!

  • Go to your favorite local quilt shop (or give them a call) and ask them to get you a copy! Ask them to stock it for your friends, too. They will appreciate your business!
  • Order it on my website – and let me know if you would like your copy signed!
  • Order it at C&T Publishing and check out all of the other great titles they offer while you are there!
  • You can also find it on Amazon – be sure to put in a review there, too!

With that, I’ll close out this post with another thing I enjoyed this week – this beautiful congratulatory delivery from the kind and creative folks at C&T. Thank you for everything!

Happy stitching,


Pre-ordering for Modern Wool!

“Thrive”, table runner

We’re a step closer! I’m happy to share that you can now pre-order your copy of my upcoming release of Modern Wool: 12 Projects to Get You Stitching right on my website. If you’d like a signed copy, be sure to drop me note in the comments on your order. Anticipated date is currently March 25, 2021!

You can also pre-order a copy directly with C&T Publishing or – and this is a BIG ONE – go to your favorite local quilt shop – ask them to preorder a copy for you and help support their shop! There are so many ways to use your consumer dollars in important ways, especially now while so many small businesses are struggling.

There are 12 projects, but there is a double bonus because I featured both a low-volume and a dark version of every project! Thinking about how we see color and how colors appear on dark or light backgrounds, all became part of my exploration of wool along with combining wool with modern, mixed cotton fabrics for all of the backgrounds. I think it’s fascinating how the exact same color in the applique shapes can change appearance, all by just changing the background! Here’s an example of what I mean:

“Rest”, throw pillows

This is the project called “Rest” in both the dark and light versions. It’s my take on traditional penny wool projects and the wool pennies are exactly the same in both versions. The only difference is in the background fabrics I chose. Colors can appear to recede or advance with a simple change in the background creating so many wonderful design opportunities in your projects! Here are some more quick images of some of the projects:

“Gather”, table topper
“Play”, needle book
“Rise”, table runner
“Dwell”, house sampler

I’ll definitely be sharing more images and details about each of the 12 projects as we count down to publication but most importantly wanted to share that you can now pre-order your copy now.

Be well my friends and happy stitching,


New book release for 2021!

Let’s just pretend 2020 never happened, o.k.? I am only looking forward – and to the most exciting thing – a new book release coming in March 2021!

I couldn’t be more excited to share my newest book project with you. It’s bright, it’s beautiful, and every project just makes me smile!

Reinvent wool appliqué with bold projects

Take wool appliqué and make it bright, bold, and modern. Contemporary quilters can now experience the joy and satisfaction of working with wool and traditional quilt blocks and techniques, but with a fresh twist on color combination and design choices. These 12 projects are made with beginners in mind and include helpful step-by-step commentary. Beautiful, forgiving, mobile, satisfying, a few of our favorite things about wool hand appliqué projects. 

  • 12 projects each with two colorway options (light and dark backgrounds)
  • Modern aesthetic for table runners, wall hangings, pillows, needle books, pincushions, and more
  • Perfect for wool appliqué beginners! Includes tools, techniques, and tips

Modern Wool: 12 Applique Projects to Get You Stitching is being brought into the world with my partners at Stash Books and C&T Publishing and will be available at the end of March 2021. Pre-order information will be available soon!

Be well friends,