Quilt rescue

Have you ever come across a quilt top flimsy in a thrift shop and walked by thinking some poor quilter passed away and her family gave all of her unfinished projects away to the thrift shop?! The nightmare of all quilters with UFO’s – including me! I will admit, I have more than once.  Now I find the shoe on the other foot – not as the quilter, but as the designer. One of my own projects was recently found – and thankfully rescued!

So, quilter Beth emailed me after she came across this in her local thrift shop…


A lovely Dresden plate project that reminded her of something very familiar to her…maybe this?

Kaffe’s Garden at Night, Stash Lab


The one on the black background is my project “Kaffe’s Garden at Night” from Stash Lab. And here’s what I’m thinking of as the daytime version that quilter Beth found…

Quilter Beth’s quilt top rescue


There is some beautiful work done there. Now, my heart cannot let my head believe that the quilter who started this lovely project gave it away in frustration – not at this point! Surely it was snatched from her work shelf when she was no longer there to protect it. Quilter Beth rescued the project, took it home, and made her own additions and now the project is complete.

Quilter Beth’s beautiful finished project


I think it turned out amazing and I’m sure wherever the original quilter is now, she would be proud! I love that folks take my projects and change them to make them unique and make them their own. I love it when a project turns out so beautifully and you can glimpse the spirit of the quilter. I love that this project found its new home with Beth! And we can all sleep better tonight knowing that there is one less orphan project languishing in the thrift shop shelf! Nicely done!

Happy stash quilting,



3 thoughts on “Quilt rescue

  1. Oh goodness! It’s sad to imagine how it could have ended up at a thrift shop. Certainly finished quilts end up in places we’d rather not consider! (How many quilts are given to people who really don’t know and don’t care about the value? Horrors!) But quilt tops … It is so pretty. I’m glad it was rescued and so good of Beth to let you know.


  2. I have a running list in my studio of where I want my things to go (and a skeletal copy with our estate papers that points folks to that running list). I recently helped liquidate another quilter’s lifetime of fabrics/projects and I came home determined to FINISH what I have started and clearly label every new project with notes and such so whoever takes them over will know where my thoughts were. They’ll be free of course to do as Beth did and finish as desired. What a lovely story you and Beth were able to share today.


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