Summer Lab updates

September, here we come! What a busy end to summer! Just a few quick updates about what has been going on here in the Stash Lab…

Studio space in the house has been under construction and I’m almost moved in! Actually, I’m moved in, I don’t even have that excuse, but it’s still (a mess) kind of a work in progress. A full blog post with pics in the future, I promise!

Some of the biggest events to hit our household this summer involved these two…00560016-x25216688556197491552.jpg

I couldn’t resist, how cute were they?! My not-so-little, little guy turned 21 this summer and my baby girl graduated from high school! I’m so proud of them both. Big changes ahead!

There were fun, event-filled teaching trips this summer, first to Annie’s Star Quilt Guild in Chico, CA. What an amazing group. True caring and support among those quilters, many of whom or whose neighbors lost their homes in the tragic Paradise Fire last year. And a very special treat for me, they made my quilt, Stamp of Approval from Stash Lab for their Opportunity Quilt. It was beautiful and I was beaming with quilt-parent pride! Annie's Star opp quilt

Then a whirlwind trip last week down to Salem, Oregon for some time with the MidValley Quilt Guild. Double meetings, a Big String Star workshop, and lots of fun in between! There’s some serious concentration going into these string blocks but it was fun, I promise!20190829_1546245739792926417913942.jpg

I think I’m going to re-name this month “September Scramble”! I’ve made plans for Fall Quilt Market in Houston – so now I have to get my new patterns finished up! More on that soon as well and some sneak peeks for sure.bc084103-c424-409b-ab82-5e1d8ea2dbf1

But to close out, if you haven’t already spied this cute, new addition to our home on Stash Lab Quilts on Facebook or Instagram, let me introduce you to Winston!20190804_1710152295633628281465222.jpg

He’s just 3 months old now and full of fur, teeth, and puppy energy! This picture is from his first day home and he’s DOUBLED in size in the last month! Pushing 20 pounds now. He’s a mixed doodle, mom’s a Golden Doodle and dad’s an Australian Labradoodle. We’re just trying to keep up! Right now he’s learning his studio manners so he can hang out with me. Fingers crossed!

In between, I’ve actually gotten some quilts done – shocking, I know! I hope whatever your summer plans were, they included some quilting and creative time as well. We all need it!

Happy end-of-summer quilting,



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